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In the world there are many children who cannot go to school due to lack of economic resources. From Need Ü we want to encourage you to change that reality. It is in our hands, in your hands.

For this reason, we have contacted the school "La ciudad de los Niños" in San Vicente de Cañete in Peru. There they call it ‘the cradle’, since the nuns of the order of the Daughters of Divine Providence take care of boys and girls up to approximately 7-8 years of age.

We have direct contact with the school and we have been there several times, seeing the reality of the villagers in the surrounding villages. There, the children survive wandering the roads, they have nowhere or with what to clean themselves and the houses are destroyed as a result of an earthquake that took place in 2007. In addition, in some cases, these children are mistreated or abused by their families.

If you have had experience collaborating with NeedÜ on any occasion, you will already know that € 1 of yours is € 1 that goes there directly. And if you do not know us, we encourage you to participate with us, because for us the projects are not ours, but rather belong to everyone who is part of it.

By participating in the CHILDREN NEEDÜ sponsorship program, for € 20 per month, you can make a child from Peru go to school. In addition to education, thanks to your help, they will be providing the support they need.

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