Talks with values from incredible people

Year after year we expand the repertoire of TALKS and speakers who help us transmit the human values ​​implicit in our motto "be the change you want to see in the world." We have been fortunate to learn from all of them:

- Victor Küppers: Live with enthusiasm.

- Mn. Costa: The keys to being happy.

- Leopoldo Abadía: What does a person like you do in a crisis like this?

- Ana Bella: Be an agent of change.

- Carlos Losada: Values ​​in the field


- Carlos Andreu: Being happy in times of crisis… is it possible?

- Rafael Santandreu: The art of not making life bitter.

- Borja Vilaseca: What would you do if you weren't afraid?

- Isidre Esteve: We are what we propose ourselves.

- Christopher Columbus: There are no disabled people, there are people with different capacities.

- Jaume Giró: How to help the most vulnerable?

- Alex Roca: The limit is up to you.

- Ousman Umar: Education is the key to transforming Africa.

- Sebas Lorente: Get up in a good mood.

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