Project Üniques

Monthly activities with girls and boys from Icaria

Üniques is a project that was born after a close collaboration with the Icaria Foundation, an entity with decades of experience helping and collaborating with people of different capacities.

From Need Ü we collaborate in different projects and events in which they need volunteers, but we have also created our own project, in which our group of volunteers shares their time with the boys and girls of Icaria.

And what do we do at this time? Well, we dedicate ourselves to preparing plans and events together with them, in which these unique boys and girls form both the organization of the event and its leisure time.

In the end, we create links between the volunteers and our üniques in a comfortable and fun space where they end up bonding and becoming friends.

Do you want to meet them? Do you want to be part of this group of unique and unique friends? Contact us or write us on Instagram, you won't want to miss it. They also want to meet you #BeÜniques.

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