About us

Need Ü is a non-profit association, the result of the initiative of a group of young people that intends to fight for a more just world, giving support and developing actions that improve the living conditions of those sectors most excluded from our society.

As its name indicates in English, Need Ü means “we need you” and we do it with the desire to be able to reach the maximum, offering the best possible help, with joy, trusting in you and in the whole of society, because to help we need enthusiasm and smiles, that is why the umlaut on theÜ-symbolizing a smiling face- reflects that need for joy and commitment to change the world!

The work of Need Ü is specified in:

Organize and / or collaborate with humanitarian projects through financial aid and volunteering in the areas, among others, of education, health, social integration, access to a dignified life and eradication of poverty, especially in Barcelona, ​​and abroad .

Encourage the participation of young people in humanitarian activities in an altruistic way and promote humanitarian and solidarity values ​​among young people, all through training sessions of different kinds. Collaborators in the training sessions held recently: Leopoldo Abadía, Victor Küppers, Rafael Santandreu, Carlos Andreu, Carlos Losada.

Organize charitable events to obtain financial or material resources and thus invest them in own projects or in collaboration with other charitable organizations. Charity events held so far: sports tournaments, talent shows, bingo halls, rose sale on April 23, charity cinemas, dinners and documentaries in cinemas.


Because the achievement of this challenge implies that its participants allocate their time both before (preparation) and after the outings (management and analysis of the same and Project Bridge), as well as during the outings, which take place during weekend nights.


Because the outings for the distribution of food and basic necessities will take place every other Saturday, which requires a commitment between its participants and with the project.

Spirit of overcoming

Because beyond the effort and goodwill on the part of each volunteer, it requires the willingness to want to learn and reinvent the way we can, not only offer material goods to these people, but also establish a close relationship with which we can provide the maximum support that we can.


Because each outing has a series of previous tasks such as the preparation of the food to be distributed and the purchase / collection of essential goods that will be carried out in different teams of volunteers.

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